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We source our fabric (plus linings, zip and buttons) from markets in Kampala to further support the local economy. The colourful wax-printed cotton (called Kitengi in Luganda) comes from Congo, while the cotton batiks are from Tanzania. In Africa, trade in fabric, as with many other goods, is dictated by the supplier rather than the customer. For this reason, our fabrics are regularly changing, ususally on a month by month basis. So this means that we do limited runs of each fabric and each Ki Kati bag is a limited edition.


Below is a grid showing all our fabrics to date. The newest fabrics appear at the top of the grid. Our current range of available fabrics can be seen in our shop. If you would like a particular item made from a specific fabric, please email us stating the grid reference and the fabric name (e.g. F3 is Denim trees). We can't promise that we have the stock of the item that you want but we can let you know what we do have at any given time and if we can offer an alternative.

Fabric Grid 2023.jpg
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